Monday, December 27, 2021

Introducing the FAST TRAX® National Electrical Code Learning Series

Greetings from Electrical Code Academy, Inc. and Paul Abernathy, President and Founder

We have some exciting plans to roll out for 2022. Here are the systematic changes we will be implementing on January 1, 2022 for our trademarked Fast Trax Series.

1) The Fast Trax NEC Learning Series will introduce four (4) distinct tracts of educational learning. They will consist of A) Fast Trax Exam Preparation (Black), B) Residential Fast Trax Program (Red), C) Commercial Fast Trax Program (Green), and D) Industrial Fast Trax Program (Blue).

These programs will emphasize the National Electrical Code (NEC) with direct correlation to either exam preparation, residential wiring, commercial wiring, or industrial wiring as selected and completed. Each programs track design will be to teach a specific directive in the focused subject matter desired.

2) The trademarked Fast Trax System will have individual “Certificate of Completion” awards upon successful graduation (75% and Higher) with our certified seal awarded by Electrical Code Academy, Inc. This system will have a base “certification” and additional chevrons of completion in digital and physical format.

3) Starting January 15, 2022, all CURRENT and NEW Fast Trax “Active” students will have access exclusive videos specifically on the Fast Trax Series.

4) Starting January 1, 2022, the Sparky Hub ( will have dedicated forums for the new Fast Trax Series, as described above for each separate track of learning. Only students enrolled actively enrolled in a specific learning track will have access. All requests to join will be denied unless you are enrolled in either the Fast Trax Black, Fast Trax Red, Fast Trax Green, or the Fast Trax Blue learning track.

5) Video Production Schedule– Electrical Code Academy, Inc. will be producing at least (1) video a week dedicated to the Fast Trax NEC Learning System. These videos will be created around our unique content within the Fast Trax specific system. For example, the video each week could be on either the Fast Trax Black, Fast Trax Red, Fast Trax Green, or the Fast Trax Blue system. The videos will be loaded specifically into the specific Fast Trax program and only available to active Fast Trax Students*.

* Monthly and Annual Members Only Subscribers will have access to the Fast Trax Series Videos for independent learning purposes only. Having access in no way denotes being part of the Fast Trax Series.

6) Live Streams – Planned Programming.

a.      Thursday Nights “Electrify” will continue as it has for over 2 years. The time will be 8:00 PM CST. The shows focus will be on non-electrical code related topics. The emphasis is on the electrical trade and industry as a whole.

b.      Wednesday Nights, now called the “Fast Trax Series” will continue as it has for over 2 years, except that it is not 100% focused on exam preparation any longer. While it will be focused on exam prep style questions it will be the time for ANY of the Fast Trax System students to join, at their leisure, each week to bring questions they encounter in any of the Fast Trax Series programs. If you are in any of the Fast Trax Programs, such as the Black, Red, Green, or Blue as discussed above you are welcome to bring your program questions to the discussion.

c.      Saturday Mornings* Coffee Hour with Paul Abernathy – This show is not on a set production schedule but it will always be on Saturday Mornings when it is LIVE. The show is to focus on random topics from our CEO and Founder. The topics can range from helpful websites to NEC Code Changes.

7) The CMECP (Certified Master Electrical Code Professional) Program will now offer a certification track within the Fast Trax Series. Completion of the Fast Trax Black, Fast Trax Red, Fast Trax Green, and Fast Trax Blue will skip all CMECP Candidates to the final 100 question proctored exam stage and will exempt them from the final five on one Stage. If the student/candidate successfully completes each level of the Fast Trax Series and successfully pass the 100 question, proctored exam, they will be awarded LIFETIME CMECP Status with no renewals necessary.


More changes (and additions) are planned for release on or about January 15th so please be sure to bookmark or check back often for updates.

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